• Womanhood

    I am an activist, an artist and a person who struggles with the unwritten social roles the human kind of western society has placed on itself. A society that predicates the Oedipus against womanhood. Captured within a history full of uncertainties, unfair treatment and conflicts, contextual and relational. My work questions my identity and my intimacy, by exploring my own identity, gender, sexuality. Showing the debate on how intimacy and identity may contrast the gender roles of the people around me through photography, film, text, lectures and debates. With this work, I have created an archive of my personal history by the use of symbolic formations that express the contextual identifications of womanhood altered by the male gaze. Emphasizing on the fleshiness and the fragility of life.  
    As an artist, I play with the valuation of the image and its curious meanings. By questioning imagery, I propose to unveil that we rather conceal and start a debate with ourselves and our surroundings. Exposing a possible change for the cultural contexts in which we see and behave towards each other. By making visible what we tend to despise and ignore, sparks my interest, and has been key to what I stand for. My work activates different views out of different layers of society hoping to open up space for ambiguity and ambivalence carrying with it a transformative ethos.